Part of Your Publishing World

Most people know I LOVE Disney music. Literally, I spent my childhood memorizing Disney movies, which really means Disney songs. Okay, so I’m referring to the greats composers from Mulan and prior. I went to the Pikes Peak Writers Conference […]

Networking for Writers

Over the next several weeks, I’m going to do a series just for my writing friends on networking. I have experience networking from organizing networking events for small businesses (watch and learn!) and from working for a professional networking coach […]

Have people become desensitized to the word “depression”?

This will be a short blog post today. I just wanted to share my own thoughts that have surfaced around the loss of someone who has been meaningful to me in my own life. To me Robin Williams’ death signifies […]

Our Animal Friends

Our Animal Friends So I’m going to tell you a story about my ferret friend Pinky, and it’s a true story. One night in the heat of August 2012, my sister, our friend Ely and I came home to a […]

Reading Joys: My Beginning

Welcome friends. I’ve thought long and hard about what stories I would want to share with the world, outside of my novels. At first I thought about making it a game, where people from my community would share three random […]