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My Name is Benny: A Cloudling Story
As if by miracle, 13-year-old Benny and her brothers discover a way to escape the Cloudling slave quarry. Everything is upended when they’re forced to move up their timeline to avoid separation. Through a story of hope and loss, Benny is going to have to find her courage if she’s going to survive. Because making it to the sanctuary city is their only hope.

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If you were kept from your twin for seven years, you would do anything to reunite, wouldn’t you?

Abandoned as infants, the twins have never known a real family. Long separated, they are desperate to reunite. But fate is cruel. They arrive on the planet Inara, on opposing sides of a brutal war. It is up to them to uncover the real enemy. Unsure of who to trust in a world of magic, hidden cities, and dragons, the twins must face their childhood fears to stop an immortal being from escaping and continuing his dark mission.

Enter a world of magic, intrigue, and delight.

For fans of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson!

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