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Vera Warden and the Two-Faced Demon

When Vera receives a scholarship to an elite tech school, she thinks the hardest part will be making friends. Turns out there are darker things at Morton Tech. Evil things worse than bullies. Like demons.

After a face-stealing demon only Vera can see appears, she realizes she’s the only one who can stop it. She’s going to have to use all her wits, and the confidence she’s gained from living with a facial difference and Osteogenesis Imperfecta (“brittle bone disease”), to save her friends.

Will she find the strength to face her own fears and learn what it means to be a hero? Or will the demon escape the school and wreak havoc on the world?

Click here to join Vera Warden on her adventures as she confronts demons, ghosts, mean teachers, and maybe even a few bullies.

Vera Warden and the Two-Faced Demon is the thrilling first book in a new creepy series. If you like tough girls, chilling secrets, and wild adventures, then you’ll love J. Rose’s goosebump-raising mystery.

Twins of Orion: The Book of Keys

A complex, tightly plotted series opener that should enchant audiences.” – Kirkus Reviews

Abandoned as infants, twins Peter and Rory have never known a real family. While Peter wants nothing more than to escape his abusive adoptive father, Rory struggles to not get kicked out of her twelfth foster home since she was separated from Peter seven years ago. All that changes when magical birds appear offering to help them reunite…and return them to the home they never knew.

But fate is cruel. They arrive on the planet Inara, on opposing sides of a brutal war. It is up to them to uncover the real enemy if they ever want to see each other again. Unsure of who to trust in a strange world of magic, hidden cities, and dragons, the twins must now face their childhood fears to stop an immortal being from escaping and continuing his dark mission.

Click here to find out if they succeed . . . or succumb to evil.

“Reuniting on Inara will take determination and cunning, and it will be a journey neither will soon forget.” – Booklist

What Readers are Saying

“A brilliant, fun, devious, very weird, and totally awesome introduction to a fantastic new hero. Middle-grade fiction for 21st century kids. Grab this now!” – Jonathan Maberry, NY Times bestselling author of ROT & RUIN and editor of DON’T TURN OUT THE LIGHTS

“Vera is one of those characters I wish would have existed when I was younger.” – Tony Jacobsen, author of Disable Your Disability: Live the Healthy Life You Deserve!

“Rose has a gift for storytelling. Vera Warden is a powerful story in so many ways.” – Monique Bucheger, author of The Ginnie West Adventures series

“A laudable, quick-witted, and savvy tween hero distinguishes this entertaining ghost story.” — Kirkus Reviews



a companion novella set in the TWINS OF ORION world

As if by miracle, 13-year-old Benny and her twin brothers discover a way to escape the Cloudling slave quarry. Everything is upended when they’re forced to move up their timeline to avoid separation. Through a story of hope and loss, Benny is going to have to find her courage if she’s going to survive. Because making it to the hidden sanctuary city is their only hope.

Will they make it to Turopia safely . . . or die trying?

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