Let the Haunting Begin!

When Vera receives a scholarship to an elite tech school, she thinks the hardest part will be making friends. Turns out there are darker things at Morton Tech. Evil things worse than bullies. Like demons.

After a face-stealing demon only Vera can see appears, she realizes she’s the only one who can stop it. She’s going to have to use all her wits, and the confidence she’s gained from living with a facial difference and Osteogenesis Imperfecta (“brittle bone disease”), to save her friends.

Will she find the strength to face her own fears and learn what it means to be a hero? Or will the demon escape the school and wreak havoc on the world?

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Vera Warden and the Two-Faced Demon

– Chapter 1 –
First Day Surprises

I thought my biggest problem on the first day of sixth grade would be fitting in. Turns out it was demons.

Even at an elite boarding school, kids treated me the same. They shuffled around me awkwardly. They stared at my “interesting” face and my super slick wheelchair. Ever since I’d won the scholarship here, I’d been brainstorming what I could do to make things different. Now I was just waiting for the right moment to do it.

Everything else about Morton Academy of Technology was different. First off, second period was held outside in a pavilion overlooking a sparkling lake. Brick buildings towered over a field, gardens, and a creepy cemetery. I felt the school’s age in my brittle bones, like secrets reaching out to me.

The moment I saw the smooth basketball court, I knew it was the perfect place. I pushed to the center of the blacktop in front of the stream of students.

Before anyone could stop me, I raced forward and popped the perfect 360 wheelie.

That spinning trick always gathered a crowd, although my parents forbade it. “Too dangerous,” they said. But I was on my own now. I was going to do whatever it took not to be labeled “the awkward disabled girl.” Being disabled wasn’t a bad thing. Everyone else just thought it was.

Several students stopped to look. Time for a longer set of spins. A little risky, but hopefully, it would be worth it. I set my hands at the back of my pushrims and tilted back so my little front caster wheels tipped off the ground. I had just settled into a comfortable wheelie when a dark shadow crossed my path.

It crept along the court beside me.

I looked over, but I was alone on the blacktop. Must’ve been my imagination. Fear of losing my big moment took over. I went for it.

I spun once, twice. This time, my classmates knew I was doing something cool. They clapped.

I beamed. Yes! It’s working!

Three spins in, and I felt like a smooth ice skater. I spun faster and faster. But on the fifth spin, I tilted back slightly too much. Before panic could set in and I lost control, I had to stop. I shifted my focus and came out of the spin. My caster wheels landed safely on the ground.

Phew! I hadn’t fallen over. In my excitement, I might have gone a little too fast.

The buzz of applause came, but from farther away. Well, that didn’t go as planned.

And then I knew why.

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The ghost caught me eyeing the rake and leaned it against the bench. “Welcome to my garden. I do apologize it is not more beautiful. Come back in the spring.” He looked down at me with a kind expression. “Or is it time?”

Abraham, the Ghostly Gardener from Vera Warden and the Two-Faced Demon by J. Rose

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Vera Warden and the Two-Faced Demon is the thrilling first book in a new creepy series. If you like tough girls, chilling secrets, and wild adventures, then you’ll love J. Rose’s goosebump-raising mystery.